I-282P TRON 500

The TRON 500 headlight builds on the technology we’ve developed in our other TRON series headlights and packs in additional features to further enhance usability.  All-new ambient light sensing technology automatically adjusts lamp brightness based on external conditions to optimize illumination and battery life.  While in auto mode, the user can focus on riding safely without having to manage lighting.



TRON 500 is constructed of sleek, durable and weather resistant extruded 6061 aluminum alloy. Rubberized, sealed buttons and ports ensure reliable function in all conditions. New ambient light sensing technology increases efficiency while maximizing visibility.

  • Excellent 500 Lumens light output
  • Brightness adjusts automatically to ambient light while in Auto Mode
  • 650 Lumens daytime flashing mode provides extra safety while riding during the day
  • Compatible with virtually any tube shape from round to AERO
  • Variable mounting including helmet and underbar
  • IPX4 waterproof standard
SIZE 69.5 x 32 x 26 mm
WEIGHT 58 grams
LED 1 White LED
BRIGHTNESS 650 Lumens (Daytime Flashing)
BATTERY Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
RUN TIME 4.5 hrs (Constant)
2 hrs (Boost)
1 hr (Super Bright)
20 hrs (Flashing)
8 hrs (Daytime Flashing)
2-8 hrs (Auto)
CHARGE 3 hrs
STRAP fit Ø18-Ø48 mm
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- Ideal para uso en sitios con poca iluminación, sus 500 lumens serán más que adecuados para alumbrar tu camino.----la bicikleta (Full Article)
- 그리고 360도로 회전이 가능해 다방향으로 조절이 가능하다는 점이 가장 큰 특징이다.---BIKE MAGAZINE (Full Article)
- Piccole, leggere ma molto performanti.---bici Magazine (Full Article)
- L’éclairage ne sert plus seulement la nuit… Il faut, parfois, y penser aussi le jour et pour cela, disposer d’appareils lumineux et endurants. Comme l’Infini Tron 500 I-282 P !---Dimensions Vélo (Full Article)
- Il terzo livello fisso, quello più alto, eroga 500 Lumen per 1 ora e consente una invidiabile visione notturna anche a 15-20 metri di distanza.---tech-cycling (Full Article)